Wind, sea and sun. These are ideal conditions for surfers in all its facets. Those who love sports in the sea will be amazed by the beauty of the beaches and sea on the coast of Tuscany

The frame of the Tuscan Archipelago for surfing

Surfing among the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago is a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of your favorite sport and take advantage of a unique location for activities not related to the surf. The numerous leisure activities offered by Maremma allow you to go on vacation with your family or friends who do not follow the sport itself, they can relax in the white and clean beaches, or opt for another sport, at sea as well as immersed in the nature of Maremma.

Surfing on the coast of the Maremma

Services for surfing in Maremma

Just make a search on internet to see how many activities related to surfing are present across the Maremma coast. Organized groups, sports clubs and surf schools help to spread and discover this wonderful sport. Some locations, for their natural characteristics , like the winds that cross them, the type of seabed and the exposure, are particularly suitable for surfing and all sports related to the sea. In fact, in these beaches, such as the one of Talamone, you can find several centers and associations where you can rent equipment and follow technique classes.

Events related to the surf in Maremma

Every year in the adjacent beaches at Castiglione della Pescaia, is organized a festival of all the sports related to the surf. Two full days in which you can participate or just admire many races of all those sports disciplines that have surfing as a basis. Kite-surfing, wind-surfing, kite best tricks are just some of the specialties present during the festival. Many surf schools and associations usually take part in the festival, and with a festive atmosphere they challenge each other and defy the winds and waters of the coast of Maremma.