Sea, nature, adventure, sports, good food, and excellent services—all this awaits you when you choose Maremma Sans Souci for your seaside camping holiday. Book now; we are eager to provide you with unforgettable moments.

Escursione in sup - Camping Village Marenna Sans Souci
SUP Excursion – Camping Village Maremma Sans Souci

An unforgettable seaside holiday with your friends

Spend a few days with your closest friends at a seaside campsite where you can choose from various types of accommodations. Opt for the more comfortable Maisons, modern wooden cottages with functional furnishings, bedrooms, a kitchen corner, bathroom with shower, living room with TV, and air conditioning.

Or choose the more adventurous Lodge Tents, glamping tents made of wooden structures with large fabric dividers for rooms, equipped with a private bathroom with shower, bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen corner, a large external veranda, and everything you need to enjoy direct contact with nature. And the best part is that the beach is directly connected to the campsite.

A short walk will take you to a beach of very fine golden sand, with a wide shoreline and gently sloping seabed, where you can immerse yourself in crystal-clear, limpid waters and enjoy the well-deserved relaxation by the sea.

Relaxation and adventure: the perfect mix for your next vacation

After you’ve relaxed by the sea, soaked up enough sun, and find that too much relaxation is starting to feel monotonous, and you begin craving adventure and adrenaline? You’re in the right place, as we offer a plethora of sporting activities. The undisputed queen here is the bicycle a classic. Within our campsite, there’s a bike point where you can rent various types of bicycles, from the classic mountain bike and city bike to racing bikes and the indispensable electric mountain bikes or electric scooters.

There are also cross-country biking trails available, where if you have the legs and spirit for adventure, you can experience incredible downhill rides, pure adrenaline, suitable for true professionals. There are also road routes suitable for different levels of preparation, and if you want to combine your passion for biking with good food, we suggest the enogastronomic tours, a bike ride followed by a visit to a local winery with a tasting of typical products a real treat.

Discover the wonders of the Maremma coast

Whether sailing by boat, paddling a canoe, standing on a SUP board, snorkeling at the surface with mask and snorkel, diving to explore shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea, or more comfortably cruising on a motorboat to explore the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, are you ready? What do you prefer? You can choose from all these adventures, and no matter how you decide to do it, you’ll discover a spectacular sea, crystal-clear with shades of turquoise, inhabited by a great variety of colorful fish, algae, sponges, and seagrass.

Those fortunate enough might encounter dolphins, fin whales, sperm whales, and various species of sea turtles offshore. For any needs, please approach our information point; we will provide all the necessary details to help you choose the best activity according to your preferences, and how and where to rent the necessary equipment to have fun safely. Don’t wait, book your seaside camping holiday at Maremma Sans Souci now.