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The most beautiful beaches

Cala Violina
It ‘s located in the South and North of Follonica PuntaAla between Cala Martina and Cala Civette. One of the most spectacular bays in the Gulf of Follonica with clear beach, fine sand and gives its name to the place, because when we walk the sand produces a sound reminiscent of a violin. The clear sea offers the visitor a world populated by various species of marine fish and algae, an indicator of cleanliness and purity.

The coastline is surrounded by a green landscape formed by the very rich and dense Mediterranean scrub. At the hottest hours you can do a picnic or just rest in this beautiful Mediterranean scrub. The beaches are free beaches, there isn’t a rest stop, so as to preserve this beautiful and fascinating landscape. It’s possible to find tables equipped in the cool and well ventilated Mediterranean scrub.

Cala Martina
It’s situated in the sout- north of Follonica PuntaAla. It ‘a beautiful stretch of pebble beach, reachable on foot or by bike; less famous of the “sister” Cala Violina, but equally beautiful and fascinating. In the typical Mediterranean bush and the monument that commemorates the passing of Giuseppe Garibaldi. The beach is mostly free of bathing facilities, untouched and preserved its beauty. Within the pine forest areas are intended for the picnic.

On Collacchie Road SP158 turn to the tourist port of Scarlino / Portiglioni, along the road for about 2km, past the marina to get there and park near a restaurant where you can go on the dirt road only on foot or Cycling, after about 2 km you are in Cala Martina.

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