Project Description


A sport for those who love the sea and nature, to all those who like to explore and discover even more hidden and surprising reality every time while watching the show that nature offers us. The coasts of the province of Grosseto definitely give this opportunity to the merits of their geography and their beauty.

The Sestante Diving  was born from the passion of a group of friends to the sea and its depths in 1998.

The Sestante Diving  organizes diving and snorkelling trips in the archipelago allowing you to admire the fascinating backdrops that the Gulf has to offer.

– 13 complete equipment from the best brands , verified and reviewed periodically to ensure that all customers with the highest possible security .

– Diving is located inside the classroom for courses PADI & SSI .

– Inflatable 6 meters

Artisan boats host up to 9 sub equipped with all safety devices required for navigation.

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