Entering the campsite constitutes full acceptance of our Camping Village rules and regulations

  • On arrival, Guests are required to report to Reception with valid identity documents for all crew members.
  • Departures and arrivals are regulated in accordance with the indicated timetable, Guests are obliged to leave the pitch and the rented facilities at the indicated times and must make payment at the indicated cash desks at Reception.
  • If departure from the campsite takes place after the agreed time, an additional night’s pitch + persons will be charged for pitches and the price of one night’s accommodation for rented accommodation, regardless of the time of arrival.


  • Staying at the campsite implies full acceptance of these regulations. Its non-observance may lead to the call or, in serious cases, to the dismissal at the sole discretion of the Management. The latter also reserves the right to make changes or additions to the notes provided for in this regulation.
  • Every Guests is required to keep his property and to deliver the objects found in the Direction. The Management is not responsible for the sums of money or objects belonging to the guests.
  • Each reservation is personal, non-transferable and constitutes a free contract between the parties. In high season, the minimum rate for pitches is two people.
  • The minimum stay that can be booked is one week, unless otherwise confirmed by our reservation department, such confirmation must be in writing.
  • The cancellation of the booking must be made by ordinary or electronic mail, as evidenced by the postmark. In the event of a cancellation, the conditions established at the time of booking will be applied and the deposit will be refunded on 31 December of the current year.
  • Minors are not allowed unless accompanied by their parents for the duration of their stay.
  • At the beginning and end of the season, depending on the number of guests present, some services may be reduced or non-operational.
  • For long stays, Guests are requested, together with the Management, to check the actual attendance by the end of the month, failure to do so will result in a full charge.


Fixed accommodation such as Cottages, Mobile Homes, Lodge Tents and Caravans for rent are available from 4pm on arrival day and must be vacated by 10am on departure day, Mini Lodge Tents by 11am

Cleaning of crockery and pots and pans is not included, otherwise an extra charge of € 50 will be made.

  • Balance of all holiday accommodations and every additional service required (such as equipped beach service) must be paid on arrival at the campsite.
  • Payments can be made by cash, debit or credit card.
  • Cheques not accepted.
  • Dogs are allowed in Cottages, Safari, Big Country and Mini Lodges. Animals of any kind are not allowed in Maisons and Country Lodges.
  • Cats are only allowed in the Cottages.
  • Should the Guest leave the rented property before the end of the booked period, he/she is still obliged to pay the rate equivalent to the amount due for the stay until the date of departure.


  • Pitches are all marked out, numbered and it is indicated whether they are for tents, caravans or motorhomes. Tents may not be placed on caravan pitches (unless authorised by the Management). Smaller caravans/campers may not occupy pitches marked 7 metres.
  • Only one unit (caravan, camper or tent) is allowed on each pitch. For the addition of verandas, gazebos or other tents, authorisation must be obtained from the Management, who will apply an additional cost, as indicated on the price list.
  • Reservations are accepted with a free day of arrival and a minimum stay of 7 nights and only guarantee a place on the areas available at the time of arrival. If the period of stay is shorter than that booked, the daily amount including the pitch and the number of persons for all the days booked must still be paid.
  • A reservation ensures a pitch that will be chosen on arrival from the free places, it is not possible to ensure a specific place, and places next to each other. In any case, it is the Management’s right, should it deem it necessary, to fix the place where the tent, caravan or camper van is to be placed.
  • At the end of their stay, Guests must leave the pitch where they have stayed in perfect condition, after having carried out due cleaning of the place they have occupied.
  • Electrical connection is only permitted with EEC-compliant rubber cable and must be extended on the ground without crossing the main roads. Extensions and cables must be brought by guests and are their full responsibility.
    In the event of late arrival, the pitch will be kept available until 1 p.m. on the day following the day of booking, after which time the guest will be considered to have given up, unless otherwise notified by telephone or in writing.


  • Visitors are not allowed unless authorized by the Management: those admitted must present their identity papers.
  • Visitors are entitled to two hours’ stay, after which they must pay the regular daily fee. They are allowed from 9am to 8pm and must leave the campsite within 11pm.
  • The Management reserves, at its sole discretion, not to accept unwanted or surplus daily visitors.


  • Traffic inside the campsite is allowed only for loading and unloading of baggage on arrival and departure.
  • The permitted speed is 10 km / h. Pedestrians have right of way. Honking is forbidden.
  • Campsite gates will be closed from midnight to 8am.
  • From 1pm to 3pm, entry/exit by car is only permitted from the car park, therefore it is forbidden to drive on the campsite with any kind of vehicle.
  • From 1pm to 3pm and from 8pm to 8am it is forbidden to drive cars, buses, campers and scooters on the campsite. This prohibition also applies to buses and camper vans, which may only return to their pitches from 8am to 1pm and from 3pm to 8pm.
  • From 1 m to 3 m and from 11am to 8am, noises that may disturb the Guests’ rest are strictly forbidden. It is therefore forbidden, during these hours, to use radios or similar devices, to form noisy assemblies or meetings, to use the playground and to drive motor vehicles. Appliances (TV, radio, etc.) must be kept at low volume at all times and turned off during quiet hours. Anyone causing a disturbance will be removed from the campsite.
  • Motorbikes and motors must be driven by hand.
  • After 8pm it is not possible to set tents, verandas or any other structures.


  • Each car will be given a parking pass on arrival which must be displayed on the car to facilitate control at the entrance to the campsite. Vehicles must park in the parking area (not guarded).

    *No responsibility can be attributed to the campsite for any damage caused by third parties to the vehicles and/or motorbikes of the
    Guests. It is strictly forbidden to park cars in areas not established by the Management.


  • Dogs are allowed only on pitches, in Cottages, in Safari, Big Country and Mini Lodge.
  • Cats are only allowed in Cottages, where they must not leave the rented accommodation, and on camper or caravan pitches, where they must be kept inside the camper or caravan.
  • Their owners are obliged to collect the physiological needs of their animals and ensure that they do not disturb the other guests of the campsite, they must ensure that their animal does not invade the pitch of others.
  • Noisy dogs that growl or bark will not be allowed to stay on the campsite.
  • Dogs may not be left alone on the pitch or in the holiday accommodation and must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Harbour Master’s Office strictly forbids the presence of dogs on the public beach in high season. They may only stay on the equipped private beach under an umbrella.
  • Any damage caused by animals to third parties or the campsite facilities is the full responsibility of the owner. It is not allowed to bring animals inside the toilets. It is absolutely forbidden to shower dogs in the toilets or showers on the beach.
  • Management reserves the right to expel without notice anyone who does not respect the rules for dogs and cats on the campsite.
  • Breeds of dogs and animals considered dangerous may be, at the Management’s discretion, expelled from the campsite.


  • Vegetation in the campsite is considered natural heritage, therefore it is strictly forbidden to damage, cut or uproot plants, dig holes for iceboxes or to discharge boiling liquids or waste on the ground. It is forbidden to put shade cloths on caravans and tents. This will incur a surcharge of between €50 and €500.
  • We are not liable for damage caused by falling trees, branches or pine cones.
  • Water is an important resource and a collective good, so we ask you to use it with extreme conscience. It is strictly forbidden to pour dirty or soapy water on the ground; caravans and campers must use the appropriate containers for draining.
  • The use of charcoal cookers is only permitted on the platform known as the barbecue area for guests.
  • Fires in any area of the campsite, beach and pine forest are strictly forbidden and punishable by law.
  • All rubbish that cannot be separated, including organic material, must be deposited in the appropriate containers along the central avenue of the campsite. Containers for the collection of paper, glass, plastic and aluminium are available in the car park.

REMEMBER that we are guests in a natural park, a winter environment for wild animals.

It is absolutely forbidden to give food to animals; they can find it by themselves and our behaviour, even if in good faith, could be harmful or even fatal to them.

It is recommended not to leave rubbish lying around, as this could attract wild animals that are looking for food.


Camping MAREMMA SANS SOUCI is sensitive to the protection of the environment and the resources provided by nature; this decalogue helps the customer to enjoy the beauty of nature and a good stay in the Campsite.

Inside the campsite there are several bins for the collection of undifferentiated waste (all non-hazardous waste that cannot be separated)

Waste sorting containers are located at the entrance to the car park.

Customers are requested to use only the appropriate containers at the entrance to the car park for the separate collection of:

– Paper and cardboard

– Glass, plastic, aluminium cans

– Organic waste

*There is also a container for the collection of spent batteries in front of the restaurant.

Water: an important resource

Water is a public good and should be used rationally. During the summer period the use of water should be limited to what is strictly necessary, for example by limiting shower time to a minimum.

Rational use of electricity

The summer sun can provide natural lighting for many hours of the day; it is best to use this resource as much as possible before using artificial lighting.

When using their own lighting, guests are advised to use lamps of less than 60W or energy saving lamps.

Guests are also reminded to switch off the veranda light at night.

Guests are also reminded to switch off the lights in the caravan, camper van or cottage in unoccupied areas.

The beach

There are waste bins on the campsite beach, which we encourage you to use.

Shampoos and soaps are not permitted when using the beach shower, in order to protect the flora and fauna.

Guests are requested to report any abandoned waste to the bathing attendants.