Our Casa Mobile are meant for those who love camping in close contact with nature without giving up the comfort and convenience of having a private bathroom with shower, comfortable beds and a kitchenette with porch.

Maison - Camping Village Maremma Sanssouci
Maison – Camping Village Maremma Sans Souci

Our Maisons, our Casa Mobile, a comfortable accomodation

Completely surrounded by the typical mediterranean vegetation, between shadowed flowery paths, constructed with wood in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, representing the ideal accomodation for those who love camping without giving up comfort. They can house up to 7 people, have three rooms, one master bedroom, a double and a room with bunkbed, two bathrooms, one of which with a shower, a kitchenette equipped with dishes and utensils, a porch with table and seats, living room with tv and sofa, furnished with air-conditioning.

On our campgrounds you’ll find a bazaar and minimarket for all your daily needs. For tasty lunches and dinners boo a table at our restaurant Mama, where you can try the typical mediterranean and Tuscan cuisine, simple dishes prepared with local ingredients, a true delight. Menus for those with allergies or dietary needs are available, ask our competent and cordial staff for any requests.

Camping with direct access to the beach

With a short walk you’ll reach one of the most renowned beaches of the Tuscan coast. Fine golden sand, crystal clear water, and gently sloping depths make this a beach particularly suited to the little ones, who’ll be able to have fun in complete safety. There is a free part of the beach and a furnished one, where you’ll find the classic sunbed and umbrella combo as well as our beach relax version, with straw umbrellas and comfortable mattresses.

For boys and girls who like sports there are activities like soccer, volleyball and handball tournaments. Furthermore you can take swimming lessons or try paddleboarding, windsurfing, canoeing or sailing. For a fun and relaxing vacation for the whole family choose Maremma Sans souci, we’ll be waiting to offer you nothing but the best.

Diving in Maremma

An unexpected marine environment, surprising, depths home to colorful fish and a large and varied flora, among the most colorful of the mediterranean. There are various centers offering diving courses, guided dives and excursions to the various islands of the Tuscan archipelago. There are courses both for beginners and experienced divers, to discover the spectacular depths of this stretch of Tirrenian coastline, from the Gulf of Follonica to the islands of Cerboli, Palmaiola, Elba and Pianosa.

These depths don’t just offer extraordinary natural beauty but will also give you the opportunity to discover relics and remains of ancient ships. Less intensive but equally exciting is snorkeling, with goggles, snorkel and flippers to gently glide over the surface of the water and observe this wonderful marine world.

There are excursions to the Sparviero island, to the small beautiful bays like Cala Martina, Cala Violina and Cala Civette and to the bay of Rocchette. A wonder to discover in total safety, come to Camping Village Maremma Sans Souci for an unforgettable vacation.