Camping in Tuscany, since 1965

The Camping Maremma Sans Souci was born in the far-off year 1965 from love and passion for nature meant as a source of inner well-being and as something able to give everyone will of relaxing thoughtless.

Therefore has been chosen the name “Maremma Sans Souci”. Indeed Maremma’s nature, unquestionable queen of this still unspoiled country and deeply connected to traditions is capable to give explorers an unforgettable experience made of tastes, colours, scents, an alchemical combination that is such a well-being dispenser that any worry fades away leaving no traces.

Maremma Sans Souci is a campsite immersed in nature, a paradisiac place where peace is sovereign, that invites its guests to relax so that they can finally forget worries of frenetic daily life.

Right on the crystalline – blue Tyrrhenian sea , immersed in a wonderful ancient pinewood typical of Maremma coast , Camping Sans Souci is arise 2 km from Castiglione della Pescaia , a small medieval village and lovely seaside town and can be reached by a convenient cycle path.